Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry

How is the Frenectomy completed?

Dr. Christina Ramirez uses a soft tissue diode laser for Frenectomies. For newborns and infants, the patient is swaddled and has safety goggles placed to protect their eyes from any possible laser exposure. A small amount of topical anesthetic is placed along the tissue to be released before the laser is used. The procedure takes a few minutes for each area and the baby is returned to mom immediately after to breastfeed. Most mothers are able to feel a difference in the baby’s latch immediately.

For older children, patient cooperation is a huge factor and nitrous oxide or an oral sedative like versed may be used to help with the experience. Because the tissue is usually thicker at this age, a local anesthetic such as lidocaine is used to insure patient comfort during the Frenectomy.

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