Nitrous Oxide

At Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry in Austin, we want to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible when they are with us.

Most preventive dental services are noninvasive, so children can sit still long enough for us to examine and treat, as needed. Sometimes we might need your child to keep still for a bit longer, and in these cases, nitrous oxide can be a good option.

Nitrous oxide is used safely by many dentists across the country on a regular basis. Austin pediatric dentist Dr. Christina Ramirez has found that children do well with nitrous oxide when one or two teeth need to be treated and they suffer from a severe gag reflex.  

There are also children who may have already developed an extreme fear of the dentist, and nitrous oxide can keep them relaxed in the dental chair. Other children, such as those with special needs or who just have a difficult time staying still, may also benefit from nitrous.

Dr. Christina will only recommend nitrous after evaluating your child, and she will discuss her recommendations with you thoroughly.

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is often referred to as laughing gas, and this is apt because it does sometimes provide recipients with a feeling of euphoria. With laughing gas, your child will stay fully conscious and be able to answer questions during treatment. Your child will be in such a relaxed state, however, that it will be much easier to lie still and receive treatment.

Some children actually doze off in the chair, and many don’t even remember what happened. This can go a long way in creating pleasant thoughts about the dentist rather than unpleasant ones. Kids who have traumatic experiences at the dentist at an early age often carry this with them through their entire adult life.

How Nitrous Oxide Works

We will place a mask over your child’s nose and instruct him or her to breathe in. The mask is similar to an oxygen mask and is not painful in any way. Almost the instant this odorless, colorless gas is breathed in, your child will be relaxed and have no more fears or anxiety. As soon as the flow of gas is turned off, the effects of nitrous just as quickly leave the body.

Nitrous oxide is completely safe for children and has no lingering side effects. There are also no allergies associated with nitrous oxide. Your child will be carefully monitored throughout the entire procedure. The biggest side effect we find with nitrous oxide is that it can cause nausea or emesis, so we ask that the child refrains from eating a large meal two hours before their scheduled appointment.

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Make sure your child’s experience at the dentist is not a stressful one. Ask us about nitrous oxide if your child has dental anxiety or special needs or requires lengthier than normal treatment. Call us to ask questions and to schedule an appointment.