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At Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry, we know your child is precious to you.

Board-certified pediatric dentist Dr. Christina Ramirez—“Dr. Christina” to her patients—is great at communicating with children and has experience treating children from infancy through their teens. Parents and kids both love Dr. Christina’s compassionate care and practical skills.

We recommend bringing in children as early as age one, when those first baby teeth come out. Seeing kids when they are very young helps to build a groundwork for excellent oral health that can last a lifetime.

Preventive Care

Our practice is focused on early treatment and prevention of dental issues. Today’s preventive care, including examinations, fluoride, and sealants, can help prevent expensive treatment in the future.

Preventive care is essential for kids, as is getting them accustomed to visiting the dentist. Learning proper preventive care now supports your child’s overall health in the future.

By seeing a specially trained pediatric dentist, your child is less likely to have an experience that can mar their relationship with the dentist for life. We work hard to make sure your child enjoys coming to the dentist.

Pediatric Care

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your child might need more than a routine examination and cleaning.

If your child is anxious, we can help keep him or her relaxed in the dental chair with nitrous oxide. For more serious treatments, we offer oral conscious sedation to help ensure the experience is not traumatic.

Dental Emergencies

In spite of our best intentions, dental emergencies happen—and they often happen at the most inconvenient times.

If your child has suffered a dental trauma, Dr. Christina’s goal is to preserve the tooth and retain its functionality whenever possible. Be sure to call us right away in an emergency, and we will get your child in as soon as we can.

Nutritional Counseling

Kids are notorious between-meal snackers, and most of them do not always choose the best type of foods.

Dr. Christina can advise parents on foods that will promote good oral health and help young bodies grow strong. She can also discuss the appropriate times for snacks.

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