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What should we expect after the Frenectomy is completed?

Each child heals differently, but you can expect some soreness around the Frenectomy area for 3-7 days. We find that over the counter medications like ibuprofen (children over 6 months only) and acetaminophen work well for soreness and should be used as needed for pain. Arnica tablets and Rescue Remedy are also more holistic options to assist with the healing process. There is sometimes some slight swelling or bleeding  around the treat area that will revolve within first 24-48 hours. Stretches will be reviewed with you before your child’s Frenectomy is completed to assist with proper healing and minimize reattachment. These stretches will be done about 4-6 times a day for about 2 weeks. A follow up appointment will be scheduled with Dr. Christina Ramirez the week after the Frenectomy to make sure the site is healing correctly.

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