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What do I do if my child has a baby tooth that will not fall out and the adult tooth is coming in?

Over-retained baby teeth are common, particularly in the lower front area of the mouth. In some cases, it looks like your child has two rows of teeth.

In most cases, the baby tooth is already loose but needs your child to wiggle on it more so it falls out, leaving room for the adult tooth to move into place.

Sometimes, the adult tooth comes in too far back from the baby tooth so that the root of the baby tooth is left intact and a dentist needs to remove it. We recommend that you come in and allow us to evaluate the baby tooth if it does not seem loose and the adult tooth is already erupting behind it.

In some cases, a baby tooth is over-retained because there is a missing adult tooth. This can be caused by trauma, obstructions, or late eruption—or the adult tooth is simply not there. It is just one of the reasons it’s so important to bring your child to the dentist from an early age for regular examinations. If your child needs treatment for over-retained baby teeth, Dr. Christina can make recommendations that are best for your child’s overall oral health and smile.

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