Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry

Smile Gallery

At Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry, it is always our goal to keep your little one smiling, content, and comfortable during treatment in our office. Happy patients make us happy!

Whatever the reason for your child’s visit, we want him or her to be comfortable with us. That is why Dr. Christina Ramirez recommends a visit to our Austin pediatric dental office right around your child’s first birthday.

We invite you to browse our patient smile gallery and see some of the happy, healthy smiles we cherish at Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry.

Large cavities on front teeth fixed with white faced crowns
Large cavities on a toddler's front teeth were treated with white faced crowns. An upper lip frenectomy was also completed using a soft tissue diode laser.
Upper Lip Frenectomy with Erupting Adult Dentition
7 year old presented with upper lip frenum that was causing gap between upper central teeth. The upper lip frenum was released using a soft tissue laser. 6 months later the gap is closed and patient and mom are happy with the aesthetic results.
SDF on Baby Molar
Sometimes baby molars have cavities on them when the child is still a toddler (2-3 years old). If the tooth is not causing any pain or showing signs of nerve involvement, Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) can be used to help keep the decay from growing....[Read More]